Letter to My Dreams for the Children of the World

Letter to My Dreams - Book #2 dedicated to the children of the world. In this edition, discover the stories of Malala, William Kamkwamba, Shakira, Walt Disney, Advay Ramesh, and Roberto Clemente, who have persevered in their dreams, impacting the lives of thousands of people and inspiring others not to give up on their ideals. Following creative and pedagogical guidelines, it presents the ChildrenÂ’s Rights, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (17SDG) by the United Nations, biographies and many types of activities inspired by each character, including creative writing exercises, topics for debates, research, and artistic expression; vocabulary among others. The content is made up of cross-cutting themes that enrich training and connect learning from the humanity development and integrate education in population, moral and civic education, education for peace, education for gender equality and environmental education.

Autor: Pilar Vélez

Precio: $80,000